Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trimming Biscuit's Feet

I went to the barn yesterday and brought Biscuit up to do his feet.  He was a very good boy today while I did his feet.  I didn't use the nippers but just the circle knife and rasp.  He is having some snags but we are working on the issues. 

Front right before - working on the split in the front and chip on the side
working hard on that is getting BETTER!!!

The front left had a flap pop up Monday morning.
I rounded it off and smoothed it.
Back left After

Back Left Before
Back Right Before
Back Right After
Smoothed and rounded and worked on his frogs and rasped mustang rolls.  I will need to work on them late next week if my knee will allow - otherwise the next weekend.  I looked at his feet today and they still need a little work.  LOL  It is addictive to try to get perfect feet.

I bought some Mrs. Stewart's Bluing to try to take the yellow out of his mane.
 Here is The Biscuit with bluing in his hair!!!  LOL  he is such a good sport and he earned quiet a few little treats today.

Lee Ann came out with Rogue and I got to see her get him to bow.  He is such a cutie patootie.  I just love Rogue - his little grumpy face is so adorable!

I cleaned Biscuit up and brushed his mane and let him dry.  He looked so pretty.  He is such a sweet boy.  He ran out to Sarge on the other side of the pasture...rearing up running around.  Sarge took off running to me!  Biscuit followed.  I am petting Sarge and Biscuit is biting his back legs.  Sarge wheels around buck/kicks/runs off - they both charge around the pasture bucking and kicking.  I videoed some of it and will try to post it here.

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