Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Approximate miles in 2010 on Biscuit

I went back on the blog and added up miles I rode Biscuit in 2010.  Some are approximate as I remember it because it was before I got the Garmin.  Some of the rides are the same ones I make now so I know how far they are.  I think I was fairly conservative.  I had approximately 17 rides off of Plum Nearly at Tyrrell Park, twice at the beach, Ebenezer, both trail heads at IAH and Cypress Trail.  I believe we went approximately 109 miles so with our current miles of 294.8 I believe Biscuit and I have logged 403.8 miles since I first rode him October 16, 2010 to try him to see if I wanted to purchase him.  That was 10 months ago.  So in 10 months we have rode approximately 40 miles per month so about 10 miles per week average.   I have rode quiet a bit this summer out at Tyrrell Park and had a blast.  Biscuit has been such a pleasure to own.  He is getting better and better and I enjoy his company.  I feel I can trust him not to act like an idiot!  I know we will make 500 miles by the end of this year...it would be nice to make that before October but with this bum knee who knows?

Happy Trails!!!~


goodtimetoreview said...

That is awesome that you are such a good pair! I WISH I could log that many miles with my horse but he's a couple hundred miles from me so I don't get to see him very often!
Have you looked into the AQHA riding program? You log your hours in the saddle and then send them into AQHA and then you get rewards! Maybe you are already enrolled in this but here is the link


Denise said...

Thanks!!! Biscuit and I are having a great time. I just had surgery on my knee and can't wait for it to be better so I can ride again. That is a shame your horse is so far away...gaaaa....I love having mine right here in town with me. I am not a member of AQHA any longer as I don't show but I do like mapping the trails. I am having a blast with my Garmin!!

goodtimetoreview said...

I am going up to see my horse this weekend and I am beyond excited! He's the best trail horse I've ever had since he doesn't get barn or buddy sour so we can go on adventures alone! He was supposed to be moved home with me but the house we were buying fell through...hopefully we will find something soon so I can have him in my back yard. I hope that your knee gets better soon.

Denise said...

I hope the knee is better soon too!!! Thanks for the good wishes. I am glad you get to go see your horse and hopefully he will be with you soon. I would hate not to have my horses near me. They are my stress relievers!