Sunday, October 2, 2011

10 Mile ride around Tyrrell Park

Around the perimeter of Tyrrell Park

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking near Beaumont, Texas I went out to the barn this morning to go riding with Kellie, Lee Ann B and James.  Lee Ann was there when I go to the barn and I headed down to get Biscuit.  I decided to sweep out the trailer first and at some point they turned and ran with Sarge looking pissed off chasing Biscuit.  They finally returned and I had the halter almost on Biscuit and I pushed Sarge away and it was on like Donkey Kong.  He was off and running and thinking he was an Arabian: tail flagging, snorting, blowing and running around me at a gallop.  I think he was longeing me instead of the other way around.  I finally caught Sarge and tied him to the trailer.  It took me almost 30 minutes to catch Biscuit because he was running running running.  

I loaded him up and turned Sarge back into the pasture.  I pulled up to the arena and after Biscuit ate I longed him.  Round and round at a trot both ways and some cantering.  Lee Ann said she thought Rogue was behaving strangely and she didn't want to chance taking him in the trailer and having him go down in it.
Biscuit the Arabian

I hated that she didn't go with me!  I tried to load Biscuit and he gave me trash again.  I got the longe whip and used it like Ray had tucked under the arm and I was able to get him in the trailer.  I don't know what this trash is about loading up all of a sudden.  That will not work!!

I hauled to Tyrrell and went through the main gate.  LOL  I got down to the stable and that gate was closed so I had to pull through the grass...good thing I have a RAV4!!!

I tacked up as quick as I could because James and Kellie were waiting.  I was about 15 minutes late due to Biscuit being an Arabian today!  We took off through the woods, out on the bayou and crossed over the bridge.  We went straight ahead and all the way to the back.  Kellie and I got to see the new trails and they weren't bad!!!  Pretty wide but I think it will be ok.  We went all the way back around to the land bridge.  Biscuit kept tripping so I got off to check his feet.  I mounted but it wasn't pretty!!!

Yellow Brick Road Bridge
Kellie said she wanted to try to cross the Yellow Brick Road Bridge and she was thinking POSITIVE!!  We crossed the big bridge and went through the gates and walked up to the bridge and Elan stopped and turned away.  I got off of Biscuit and led him across after some resistance and OMG Elan followed!!!  Hollywood followed too!  We remounted after cheering for Elan and went all around the levee's.  We ran into a bazillion mosquitos but they weren't biting.  How odd.  We went through the little Cattail marsh gate and around back into the woods.  We went down the walking trail and onto the main trail.  We went to the new trail and showed James and then jogged back to the stables.

We did a 10.3 mile ride today and it was unbelievably beautiful today and the weather was PERFECT.  Not hot or humid.

Yay Elan - you are so brave!!

Back behind the holding ponds - Hildebrandt Bayou
Kellie and I had lunch on the picnic tables and Kenny came over and talked with us.  We loaded up and left around 2 or so.  I dropped Biscuit off at his paddock and washed out the trailer.  I pulled it home and put in the yard and it was nice to have the blocks to stop it in the perfect place!  Woot!!!

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