Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Riding with The LeAnns

I got Biscuit ready and put my tack in the 3 horse slant and we loaded up and took off to Tyrrell Park.  We started in the woods and I asked Biscuit for a jog and I had to ask for it 3 times.  I think Biscuit was of the opinion we had rode yesterday and that was good enough!!  I let him know that wasn't going to work.  We started a jog and jogged around the west side of the woods and out onto Willow Bayou.  We jogged all the way to the colichie road.  We walked from there to the bridge and over it to the land bridge and went over to the other side.  We started jogging again and jogged down to the bayou.  From there we walked the back bayou and it was so pretty.  Coming back up the trails I jogged ahead with Biscuit as an exercise on getting him to go out first and away from the "herd".  I jogged almost to the turn to the front to go to the bridge!  We walked over the bridge and down to the coliche road.  We went down the overgrown road and to Cattail Marsh entrance.  We went through the little gate and across the parking lot.  LOL  Biscuit wanted to go across the road and straight back to the trailer!  I turned him into the woods and back onto the trails.

I can truly say that I think Biscuit could find his way back to camp if he needed to.  He seems to have a great sense of direction.  My little yellow horse is pretty smart!!!

I rinsed Biscuit off when we got back to the trailer.  He was excellent today.  We traveled 7.7 miles today.

Zipping along Tyrrell Park

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