Monday, October 24, 2011

Riding at Tyrrell with Kellie

Kellie and I ride through the Haunted Forest

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas I met Kellie out at Tyrrell Park at 10:30 AM on Sunday. We tacked up, sprayed Deep Woods Off on and took off into the woods. Elan was a little concerned about the caution tape up for Halloween! We went through the woods and out onto the bayou. The cracks in the ground trip the horses - ugh. We got down to the bridge and Kellie wanted to try the Yellow Brick Road Bridge. We turned the horses to the gate area and Biscuit STOPPED. LOL I tried to get him to go forward and he started backing up til he was RIGHT BESIDE Elan. I think Biscuit thought he was a Chevrolet! We got them to go through the gate and were walking towards the Yellow Brick Road. We were almost there and all of a sudden, Elan spooked hard and spun around. Kellie kept her seat like she was stuck on it (thank God!!) and she got him under control after he turned around several times! Biscuit didn't spook at all when Elan spun around. Thank GOD!!!!! He is such a good boy! We went over the bridge and down to the land bridge. We went down the new path cut in front of the land bridge as Kellie had never been down it. We went down to where I sunk into the mud! We turned around and went around and down towards the back. Biscuit was going pretty slow and not wanting to keep up and kept looking into the woods. When we rounded the bend onto the straight away he finally picked up the pace. We went all the way to the back and we did some trotting. Biscuit's pulse went up and he would pulse down immediately. We trotted through the back and out the other side. We ran into a group of people, Big Randy and his friend, a lady named Gina, and 3 other men. The lady Gina used to ride Nugget when Alice owned him...she rode him in endurance races. She said she would be glad to ride with me and show me the ropes of endurance. I told her I was taking it slow as I am a sissy. Kellie and I walked back til we got to the woods and we trotted almost all the way back. Woot!!! It was so much fun. We visited with Tracie and Kenny for a little while and then headed out. It was such a fun ride!!! I can't wait to go again. We rode for 8.1 miles and with the 3.9 from yesterday I now have a total of 378 miles for the year.

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