Saturday, October 22, 2011

Trail of Horrors - made that way by Mosquitos

Horrors and Mosquito Trap

EveryTrail - Find the best Hiking in Texas I hauled out to the barn this morning.  Biscuit saw the trailer and walked to the other side of the knee has been hurting and trying to pop out of socket - not a good time to have to walk out in the pasture.  I walked out there and he walked around in a big arc and then let me catch him.  I gave him a few treats and hugged up Sarge too. 

I hauled up to the front and took him out of the trailer and up on the wash rack.  I moved my rig as I was going to go with The Lee-Ann's in Ms. Jean's trailer and Lee-Ann P's truck.  I brushed Biscuit and sprayed him with fly spray.  We took off to the park and the tack sale was going on.  We met Sue out near the woods. 

I tacked Biscuit up with the heart monitor and when I hooked it up it came on with a beat of around 34.  Woot!!!  That is terrific...finished tacking up.  Got on...saddle too loose and got off and tightened just a tiny bit more - with the new girth that was as tight as it could go.  I pulled his front legs, one at a time, so that the girth wouldn't bunch up and pinch him.  He is a tiny bit confused but he is learning. 

Biscuit thought this guy was pretty strange looking!
We started into the woods and the horses stopped and LOOKED at the big Halloween "monster" and they were like "did you see that ugly thing?"  The woods were decorated up for the Halloween Hay Rides Spirit Stable and The Cowboy Church is jointly.  

Gee, Sister, he looks like he has some serious issues to me!!!
Wow, Sister, that guy has a scary face....what is up with that?
As soon as we got into the woods we were swarmed by mosquitoes. OMG I have never seen so many of them.  They were swarming around Biscuit's face but not seeming to bite.  Lee Ann P said my back was covered with them but I wasn't being bit but occasionally.  At one time Biscuit's face was covered with them but they didn't seem to be biting him.  When I would sweep them away they were not leaving blood trails like were being left on Legato. 

I was monitoring Biscuit the entire time.  His heart rate was 50 when we started out - he was a little excited.  The mosquitoes seemed to crank the horses up some - Biscuit was at 75 but pulsed down to 65.  We got out of the woods and out onto the bayou it was better for me.  Lee Ann P was about to be toted away though.  We went down to the bridge and turned around.  Susan had stayed up at edge of the woods.  When we were walking back, Biscuit was at a heart rate of 65.  All of a sudden he noticed Susan and Dulce off in the distance and his head went up, ears up, and his heart rate jumped to 95.  He was on alert as we got closer and closer and then he realized it was a horse and he relaxed and the rate dropped immediately to 65. 

We trotted from the woods to the 2nd rideaway where the Halloween decorations started to get through the mosquitoes that were swarming.   Biscuit's heart rate went up to 105 or so but pulsed down immediately when we slowed to a walk.  It was dropping fast and Lee Ann P said that showed he was in good shape.  Woot!!!   We only went 3.9 miles today. 

Barry had came out to the tack sale and came over when we rode to the trailer.  I took Biscuit's tack off and gave him some treats.  We went over and looked at the tack sale.  A guy was selling some darling merle blue eyed border collie puppies and I would have loved to have brought one home!!!  So cute - I had to hug them up. 

We went back to the trailer and I ate my PB&J sandwich (yes, I ate a PB&J sandwich - me, who hates peanut butter!) and gave Biscuit a crust - he was uninterested in it - the peanut butter threw him off!  I gave more treats to him, Legato (she didn't want the crusts of the sandwich either!) and to Rogue. 

We hauled back to the barn and I brushed Biscuit and turned him out. 

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