Monday, October 24, 2011

A Year with The Biscuit

Yesterday I had Biscuit at the ranch for exactly one year. This is a picture exactly one year ago today.

and this is Biscuit yesterday out at Tyrrell Park.  He was wet but still looked pretty terrific.

He has changed quiet a bit over the year.  He has gained quiet a bit of weight and muscle.  He has PLENTY of get up and go.  He used to be like a wind up toy in the arena - kinda skittish and hard headed and wanting to move quickly.  He would be moving before I got in the saddle and now he will stand still while I mount.  He doesn't seem wound up in the arena any more.  He is calm. 

He didn't know how to hold a jog and he now can jog like a pro Western Pleasure horse.  He is right now learning to go straight - Allison has done a fantastic job helping with that!!!  He used to toss his head up when I would ask for him to slow he rarely does that. 

He used to want to keep his nose up the rear of the horse in front of him.   I have been working all year on backing him off and he is getting it - he doesn't run up the butts of the horses now!

When I first got him he wouldn't let me pick up his feet.  What a fight that was!  Now he will let me pick up his feet and will offer them to me.  He will let me rasp and nip his feet and he is a good boy about it. 

He was extremely skittish when I got him when I would go to put his saddle pad on or if something touched him from behind.   He was head shy.  He still can be a little skittish but he is so much more trusting and I know that he does trust me.  He tries to please and works very hard to do what is asked of him.  He will still "shut down" if he feels overwhelmed. 

I had said that I would keep him for one year and then decide if I wanted to sell him and get another horse.  I think The Biscuit is a keeper.  He is pretty darn terrific - he is sweet natured and loving.  He is strong and willing to learn.  He is not skittish on the trail or spooky - even when hogs are running out from under his hooves or another horses is spooking near him. 

He still needs work on his cantering, going straight, side passing and the big one will be going first when asked no matter what.  He will sometimes now go first but he will still back up in a flash if he wants to.  These are things we are going to work on for our second year.  I think our first year was a MAJOR success!!!  The Biscuit has a home for a long time at Plum Nearly Ranch!

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