Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brenderup has an issue and Biscuit has a meltdown

Barry and I went out to the barn to go riding today.  It started sprinkling when we got there.  We hauled down to the pasture and got out and the horses stood there a minute and then took off running like "ok..the icecream truck is here - it is not good for us so let's haul hinney" and off they took.  Barry caught Sarge pretty easy but Biscuit charged around and around channeling his Arabian side!  I caught him and loaded up but we decided not to ride as the weather looked bad.  We just didn't want the horses to think they could run from us when we had the trailer and not have to load up. 

Barry decided to haul around to Port Acres and back just for a little spin.  The trailer did the same little jerky movement going down West Port Arthur Road that it did the other day...I told Barry about it acting a little weird going around corners.  We went down Jade Street and turned on 63rd and it was making a jerky jerky jerky movement and Barry said it felt like the horses were moving.  We went around 2 more turns and stopped so we could check the horses and Biscuit was all upset and bleeding from his front right fetlock and his back right hocks.  I took the ramp down and looked at it and his leg was bleeding enough it was pooling blood on the mats.  I nearly had a cow.  I got wipees and wiped his leg and calmed him down.  He was sweating and upset but calmed down.  

Biscuit looks terrible in Red

Close up of his hock
 We closed the ramp and backed the truck up and were going to haul home slowly.  We had to turn left and we were going at a crawl and the trailer started jerking horribly and we pulled to a stop but the trailer was still rocking and rolling.  That is when I knew one or both of the horses was having a fit.  I hopped quickly out of the truck and ran to the grooms door and threw it open and it was Biscuit going banana's.  He was leaning all the way on the divider and all four of his hooves were over by the wall and he was in panic mode and struggling.  He was covered in sweat.  I was hollering whoa whoa whoa settle down easy boy as I was pulling the door open.  I reached in and grabbed the breakaway strap and told him to settle down and God love him, he immediately quit struggling and righted himself.  He was so upset but didn't struggle anymore or jerk away from me.  He let me comfort him.  Sarge was just fine and looking like he didn't know what all the fuss was about.  He is always so level headed. 

We stopped in front of a man's house and he came out and said he could hear the trailer before we turned on his street the first time.  I think Biscuit was kicking then.  Biscuit was soaking wet with sweat and his chest was quivering he was so upset. 

I grabbed my phone and called Kellie and asked her if Randy could come get us with the 3 horse slant.  I was upset myself and my voice was shaking.  She said he'd come get us and gave him the phone and I gave him directions on how to get there.

I kept giving Biscuit and Sarge handfuls of grass to keep them calm.  I was petting Biscuit and talking softly to him.  He was calming down and his stopped trembling.  Randy arrived and when he hauled by the trailer was rattling and Biscuit started kicking again and I got him to settle down quickly. 

We opened the ramp and we were careful unloading Biscuit and Randy said to make sure I wasn't behind him!  He came out slow and steady like he always does and I walked him over to the grass and let him graze.  He was covered in sweat and Barry unloaded Sarge and walked him over to the grass too.  Sarge was still unconcerned.
Biscuit is full of sweat but calm now

Randy's Truck and Trailer with Sarge and Barry and a wet Biscuit 
 We opened Randy's trailer and Biscuit hesitated for just a second and then loaded up.  I didn't get in his way though just in case he got upset.  No problem and he was in the trailer with the divider in place.  Sarge loaded up and we tied them in from the outside. 

Randy and Barry looked at the tires and the shocks and decided it was probably the breaks grabbing and not releasing as they should.  I don't know as I am mechanically un-inclined!.  Randy suggested maybe P & P could work on it and I said there was a place in Tomball that works on Brenderups.  

Randy checking out the Brenderup for Roadworthness
 I was riding back with Randy so I could watch the trailer and Barry took off first so we could watch him go to the left and it didn't do anything!  All the way back to Plum Nearly it pretty much hauled perfectly except going left on Hebert it looked like it bumped a little.  Barry said it didn't really do squat.  Hummmm....I have to get it repaired so we can go to Jasper I said and Randy said we could use the 3 horse slant to go.  Might have to take him up on that.  Kellie and I talked later and she said the same - that we were welcome to borrow it.  Thank God for darling cousins - they are the BEST!

Biscuit cleaned up
 We pulled into the barn and I unloaded the horses by the wash rack and took Biscuit over and tied him up.  I got the hose out and washed his legs off.  They were caked with blood and looked worse than it really was thank God.  He was calm as a cucumber by then.  It was scratched going down with two chucks out of the hock area.  He lifted his leg up when I was washing it poor baby.  He also had two little cuts on his front fetlock that cleaned up.  I got him some alfalfa and was giving him handfuls of it.  I rinsed him off good because he was full of sweat.  I doctored his wounds with SWAT. 

I got the shovel and broom and cleaned out Randy's trailer because Biscuit pooped in it.  I thanked him profusely and promised Biscottie!    I got the boy's dinner in pails and we walked them down to their paddock.  Biscuit was happy munching his Safe Choice when we left. 
Biscuit glad to be home and eating his dinner
Sarge calm as he can be - he has a level head in a pinch!
 We walked back up to the barn and I snapped this picture of the blood all over the trailer.  Those bolts cut Red's legs up too.  I have got to do something about it and I am thinking some sort of little bumper pad will work.  I don't ever want to see blood in this trailer again.  Barry and Randy said "bad design" and I agree on that. 

Bloody Brenderup Side

Bloody wipees that I threw away at the Ranch. 
I got home and sent an email to Kay at Lucas and Liebe.  She said it sounded like the back bolts coming loose and she was horrified at what I told her.  I am going to call the folks in Midland that took over the parts sells and see what they have to say and I am going to call the place in Tomball tomorrow so I may be hauling it over there tomorrow. 

What a day - we went for a little ride and ended up cut up, beat up and traumatized.  I was telling Randy how Biscuit calmed down instantly when I spoke to him and he said "he trusts you" and that is a good feeling that this horse does trust me totally when I know he has had rough treatment in the past.  I think the Biscuit has found a forever home with me.....He is a total sweetheart.  I took Betty out to see them yesterday and she thought my boys were beautiful..and they are.  Worth every penny I spend on them...they are better than any therapy anyone could have! 

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