Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Using our Heart Monitors for the first time!

I went out to the barn and pulled up The Biscuit.  I rasped his heels but pretty much left the toes alone.  He was very good about it.   Lee Ann P and Lee Ann B were going to go trail riding and since Edgar and Jaimie were using the ranch truck to get new poles for Sarge and Biscuit's paddock we couldn't take Ms. Jean's trailer.  Lee Ann B was pulling her trailer and I was pulling mine.  I went home and got the trailer and changed my clothes and got some Cokes.

I hauled back out to the barn and Julia decided to go with us.  We loaded up and hauled to the park.   Lee Ann P and I attached our heart monitors and got heart beats.   We are MAJOR geeks.

We headed into the woods with Biscuit leading.  I got just into the right hand side of the trail when Lee Ann P got off because Legato was having a melt down and bucking.  Evidently there were bees/hornets/yellow jackets or something all around her and must have stung her and one stung Lee Ann B in the forehead...OOOOuch!!!!!  We walked most of the way around the park back to the start and then did a u turn and went back the other way so not to go past the bees again.  We went around to the road size of the trail and then down a ride away and back to the front with a stop at the picnic trail.   Shalom kept kicking up her butt at Biscuit - LOL  but we stayed back!!!!!

Lee Ann P and I kept checking the heart rates and after trotting Biscuit it said 212 which I knew was bunk.  Lee Ann B and Julia had to leave after 2 rounds and Lee Ann P and I checked the monitor and I called Roger at VMax.  He said one is not making good contact.  I think it is the one under the saddle.  We started off again and I think it is reading true was long as we are walking - His heart is around 45-50 or so walking and then up to around 65 after trotting.  He pulsed down almost exactly the same as Legato!!!  That was terrific to know.  I think  The Biscuit is in pretty darn good shape but he is going to be even better.

Lee Ann and I were in the back side of the woods trail and stopped for a moment and Biscuit did almost a 180.  Thank GOD I held my seat and he stopped.  He was on high alert when we started off again for about 35 years.  He heard something in the woods and he was keeping a look out for it!!  He was very forward and was a happy camper on the trail.

We took there tack off and gave them a rinse off.  I told Lee Ann that Wednesday when we ride again that we will bring their evening feed and let them eat on the way home so all we have to do is drop them off at their paddocks.

We loaded up and hauled back to the barn.  I took Sarge's vet wrap off and I think Barry had it on too tight.  I am sure he will be ok but no more helping with the horses for Barry.  We took the tack out and were headed home.

We rode 7.3 miles  and I now have 366 miles.
First Time Using Heart Monitors

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