Monday, October 24, 2011

Short ride at the Ranch

I went out to the ranch and pulled up The Biscuit.  The Lee Ann's were there as was Allison and Julia.  I rasped Biscuit's front hooves today and will do the back tomorrow.  I tacked him up - heart monitor and all and we were all in the arena.  Allison was on Jabaree.  The Lee Anns and I were riding in a small circle like pony's at the fair while Allison was riding a bigger circle on the outside.  Julia was lounging Shalom on the other side. 

We went out into the big arena while Allison was walking Jabaree and we let him sniff The Biscuit.  The Biscuit is pretty darn calm and a happy camper so he makes a pretty good baby sitter.  We finally went down the ranch road slowly so that Jabaree was comfortable.  We went just beyond the ends of the pastures and Allison thought that was far enough for the first time out with a young, green horse. 

We walked back slowly.  We are going to give that a try again and again til Jabaree is a happy camper going out.  He is such a pretty boy!!! 

Biscuit did a good job walking straight.  He is catching on!!

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