Monday, October 10, 2011

Taking the Brenderup for a checkup

I called Jay with the Brenderup service and described my issues.  He said he thought it needed to be lubricated and told me all of the places where I would do that.  He was very nice.  He said any place that dealt with brakes would be able to work on the trailer.  He asked how often I trailered with it and I told him about once or twice a week depending on if I went with someone else or not.  He said I was an unusual Brenderup owner - that most didn't haul that much!  LOL  I told him I didn't buy it as a yard ornament!!!  He emailed me a PDF file on the trailer wheels. 

I called Lee-Ann P and asked her where they took the trailer to be repaired and she said by our house - it was Duvall's so I called and then hauled the trailer over there.  I told him what happened and gave him the PDF file and left the trailer.  He called later and said they lubricated it and he had spoke to Jay, too.  So, it was really a matter of I am too stupid to be a Brenderup owner!  DUH!!!  I am going to make sure that it is serviced once or twice a year from now on.  I left the B'up there over night as I am taking the Rav to have the plug installed on the outside instead of the inside which will be more convenient for me. 

I am going to put the horses in the Brenderup and haul down Hebert Road to make sure everything is working and Biscuit is ok!!


Shevawn said...

Interesting story. Who is the Brenderup service person you found? I have a used Baron, but now have no idea how/who can maintain it. Would you be willing to send me the pdf with the lubrication points? Thanks, Shevawn email -

Denise said...

I sent you an email with the information you requested!