Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Allison rides The Biscuit and so do I

I asked Allison if she would ride the Biscuit for me and get him to canter slow from the get go.  She said she would take on the task - thank God!!  I tacked up The Biscuit and Lee Ann B. loaned me her headstall to go with my snaffle bit.  Allison got on Biscuit in the area and worked with him.  He doesn't know how to go straight!  She worked with him and suggested we work on aides before going to the canter.  She worked with him some more and then tried to get him to canter in the arena.  LOL NOT GOING TO DO IT  was Biscuit's motto for the day.  She got him FINALLY to canter about 5 strides.  He can trot like a wild man though!!!

I got on Biscuit and rode him in the arena with the snaffle.  OMG got more control with his other bit than this one but we worked on going straight and my posting.  LOL  I almost lost my seat once going around a corner.  I worked on posting with my legs out of the stirrup and that is when I almost lost it!! 

I had wanted to ride in the back with Lee-Ann P but had a consult at 5:30 so I put Biscuit back into this paddock. 

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