Thursday, October 13, 2011

Allison and The Biscuit

Allison rode Biscuit today.   I missed the ride but she told me about it when I finally got there!  She cantered him in the ring.  She said he picked up the canter pretty darn quick and said he did well for the most part.  He did the tossing his head to evade her.  Biscuit seems to really like Allison but he had snuggled up to her before.  Allison has a wonderful way with horses...she is so calm and easy going and they just think she is the Bomb!

I went down and got Sarge to put in the arena as Barry is leaving early in the morning to ride at Boykin Springs.  Biscuit is going to stay at the Park.  I brought home all of the tack so Barry to put it in the trailer. 

I bought a new air mattress and two new Long Horn camping chairs.  I got out the pillows and sheets and packed some of the food.  I gave Barry the horses Coggins papers and they are in the truck.  I am looking forward to going but I won't get there until Saturday afternoon. 

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