Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend at Ebenezer

Barry left early Friday morning with the horses to haul up to Ebenezer.  He was going riding at Boykin Springs with Kenny and Mr. Miguez.  He said he had a great time.  They sat around Friday night and played guitars, etc.  Poor Barry - I thought I had reserved the spot from Friday through Sunday but I hadn't.  He pulled in beside Kent and had had to more the horses a few times.  LOL  I kinda hung him out to dry!!!  Saturday morning I got a text from Kellie with this picture

Biscuit and Kenny
Kenny was riding The Biscuit!!!  They went for a ride and Kenny told Barry Biscuit wasn't "the same horse"!  LOL  no he isn't.  He is full of get up and go!!!  They all left for their ride while I was slaving away on a wedding cake.  Then I get a message from Kellie saying Reagan was too tenderfooted to go on the ride and they had had to turn around and Randy walked him back.  She asked if I could bring Biscuit's boots.  I told her they were in the Brenderup.  They got them out and tried them on Reagan and they fit!
Reagan in Biscuit's Boots!!

I got up to Ebenezer around 3:45 and saddled up the Biscuit and we all went for a ride.  We rode 6.3 miles going to the Beaver Pond.  I got off of Biscuit and landed hard and it made my knee HURT.  My knee has been hurting for two weeks since I had tried posting and was doing it wrong!!  Ugh.  I remounted, dropped my phone and had to get off AGAIN at the Pond.  The pond was LOW. 

Saturday Afternoon Beaver Pond Ride

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Biscuit hit a canter when we left but it was controlled and easy.  He was full of energy and wanting to GO.  That night we all ate together a pot luck dinner.  It was so nice.

Sunday we rode on two trails I had never gone on.  Biscuit was full of energy and wanting to go.  The lake is way down but the water was so BLUE.  It was gorgeous.  We came up from the lake and got up to the top and went left all the way back down to the water.  Much steeper going down that side but oh so pretty!

Kellie and I came down the road at a fast trot on the way back to the camp.  Biscuit was very forward and really wanting to move out.  I think he was a little annoyed to be held back!  It was a good day.  We had lunch with Kellie, Randy, Kent and Esther.

New Trails I Rode!!!

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