Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Allison rides and so do I

I went to the barn this morning to ask Lee Ann what time she wanted to ride today.   I found her and Allison down at my paddock leading Sarge.  They had cleaned up his leg...I think the flap is dead.  Barry had the vet wrap a little tight.  I had told him to change it several times and he didn't.  Sarge will be just fine but I will always do their wound care from here on out!  I hugged him up - he is so sweet and loving.  I hugged up Biscuit too. 

Lee Ann thought it was blowing too hard to ride - and it was.  OMG I think Legato would have been on top of my head.  Biscuit would have probably been ok but why take a chance in winds that are gusting at about 32 mph?  They were gusting even harder yesterday - I would say about 45 mph at times.  We chit chatted and I left to get heart monitor gel and a new girth.

I returned at 2:30 PM at the time when Allison would be riding The Biscuit.  She brought him up and Lee Ann and I put his new girth on.  Hoping it will work out!  We tried out the monitor and couldn't get it to work. 

A new person came in with Ms. Jean - I think her name was Smith - she seemed very nice and will move her horse here at the first of the month.  She is interested in trail riding and Ms. Jean told her that is what we were doing - Garmins and heart monitors included. 

Allison mounted up and rode in Red's first paddock.  It was protected best from the wind.  She worked with him on going STRAIGHT!  He had his snaffle on.  Allison kept after him making him collect up and listen to her.  She went round and round both ways. 

Lee Ann B and Barry arrived.  Barry went and got Sarge and checked him out.  Then he came to watch The Biscuit.  I called Roger at V-Max about the monitor and he suggested a new battery.  I then mounted Biscuit and went round and round.  He is harder to stop in a snaffle but I kept going.  He gets a little strong but I was able to keep him under control and at the speed I wanted.  He is looking terrific and his hair is soft and smooth as silk!

I took his tack off and Barry took both horses back to their paddock.  I left and forgot the heart monitor so I went back later and got it and went to Target to get batteries.  I came home and put the new battery in and woot!  Seems to be working.  I will check it on The Biscuit tomorrow.

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