Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cleaning Sheaths, Floating Teeth and other fun things

I hauled out to the barn today and loaded up the boys to take a trip to the vet.  I had to wait 30 minutes while Doc worked with other horses and then it was our turn.  He pulled the Coggins and gave the rabies shots.  We put Sarge in the stock and he gave him a tranquilizer.  Biscuit was in the round pen.

Sarge got his teeth floated and then Doc took him out of the stock and was going to clean his sheath.  He got a bucket, plain old wads of cotton and Excaliber sheath cleaner.  Sarge had dropped and Doc showed me how to roll the end back to check for a bean and OMG Sarge had a bean the size of Portugal in there.  Poor guy.  Doc seems to think that is why he is swollen.  It wasn't as big this morning nor as hot so the hydro-ing helped. 

Sheath bean the size of Portugal
Doc scrubbed his sheath really well and Sarge tolerated it fairly well.  When he was through he was tied in the round pen and it was Biscuit's turn.  Biscuit didn't stand still like he did last year - he was moving constantly trying to evade the Doc.  Doc said his teeth are in a wave or set wavy?  I will have to ask exactly what that is next time.  Dock got him out after the teeth were floated and started cleaning him.  Little beans but nothing like Sarge had.  His pouch area was dirtier than Sarge's though.  Biscuit was none to happy with this either and was struggling around. 

I hauled the boys back to the barn $277 poorer but with healthier, hopefully happier horses. 

Lee-Ann and I discussed endurance running when I got back to the barn.  We are looking forward to riding in a LD ride at the IAH airport in February.  Can't wait.

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