Monday, October 31, 2011

Riding with Kellie and Barry

Kellie and I rode at Tyrrell with Barry and Sue.  Sue rode 1/2 way with us on Dulcie.  We went through the woods and down the bayou.  Biscuit cantered a little going down and he did a good job.  We crossed the bridge and went down the embankment.  LOL  Elan likes to go down fast so Barry showed her how Sarge goes slow.  She took Elan up there and yep...he runs down it.  I took Biscuit up and came down slow - he is such a good boy.  She tried again on a less steep part and he did pretty good.  She went to mount up after cleaning his hooves and she tripped over his back feet!!! 

I thought she had pitched over the top of Elan and she was on the ground!!!  LOL  She was laughing like crazy and Barry said "yep...riding with two ballarina's today".  We just cracked up laughing.

We went back down the other side of the bayou.  What fun!!!   Up to the road and had to go through the ditch to get back into the park.  We trotted around the woods and Barry pealed off to take Sarge out.  Kellie and went around again.  Had a blast and went right at 8 miles so I now have 399 miles!!! 

Barry left in his truck and Kellie and I washed Biscuit and Elan and visited with Helen and Luraine.  It was a terrific ride with the fasted speed around 12 mph.  I didn't have "tracks" on so it didn't make a trail on the Garmin. 

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