Friday, October 21, 2011

Ordered Easy Boots and Go the Distance Endurance handbook!

I called Easy Boot today when I was having trouble with the website...I thought it was me but the website was down.  I ordered Sarge a pair of Easy Boot Gloves with Silver straps as they were out of black.  They should be here next week.  I just need them before we go to McKinney Roughs. 

I also ordered an endurance book "Go the Distance".  There was some sort of snag up with Ebay but it is now on the way from New Hampshire.  Surely I will get it by Thursday.  I can't wait to learn from it.  I have been working on conditioning The Biscuit with LSD - Long Slow Distance - lots of walking, trotting, jogging - it builds strong bones, tendons and ligaments.  I now have the heart monitor and I will be monitoring his pulse down rate which is important. 

He will be ridden by Allison at 3:00 PM today...I am going to watch!

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