Thursday, October 20, 2011

Out to see The Biscuit and Sarge

Christy went out to the barn with me to check on the horses.  I walked Sarge and Biscuit up to the front on the wash rack.  I hydro'd Sarge's leg to clean it.  It had some sand in it.  I took Betadine wash and soaked it onto the cut.  I scrubbed his chest and girth area with it too.  My poor baby.  I kissed him up. 

I had bought new batteries for my heart monitor last night so I put them in the monitor.  I put gel on the pads and stuck them to Biscuit and woot!  My monitor worked!!  I was SO glad!  I can't wait to ride Saturday and check it out on the trail. 

I sprayed Show Sheen on their manes and tails and brushed them out.  Sarge has a gorgeous thick tail and it looked so pretty - I plopped it on my head and asked Christy how I'd look with dark hair as opposed to plopping Biscuit's flaxen tail on my head!  She said I looked better with Sarge's dark tail!  LOL  that is too funny!  I got their manes and tails cleared out and smooth. 

I took them back down to their pastures and turned them out. 

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