Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sarge Cut His Leg

I got the heart monitor in Tuesday while Lee-Ann P and I were riding at Tyrrell.  I went out to the barn Wednesday afternoon with it.  Allison had called me about working with Biscuit in the arena so she was in the arena with Biscuit when I got there.  She had made some progress with him bu said he kinda shuts down and is afraid of doing something wrong.  Poor guy - I don't know if I will ever get him to be brave again.  She said it was like he was "broke" and I think in some ways he is.  Randy said that after riding him a long time ago.  She worked on longeing him and she is supposed to ride him Thursday afternoon. 

Lee-Ann and I got my heart monitor and put the electrode gel on it attached it to Legato.  We got Roger from V-Max on the phone to assist and we picked up Legato's heart rate.  Woot!  Lee-Ann showed me how to attach everything and we got the components in the little sleeves and I am ready to try it out on Biscuit Saturday or Sunday - or even this afternoon when Allison rides him.  Probably not come to think of it.

Anywhooooo.....we discussed the monitors etc. and then took Biscuit back on the Gator along with Avery, Allison's horse.  I put Biscuit up and kissed up Sarge while on the phone with Barry.  Then we went down the ranch road feeding the horses.  We came back and Sarge had blood on his face...fresh blood as he had just been kissing me up.  OMG.

Lee-Ann gets a rag and wets it down in the next pasture and I put a halter on Sarge to check him out and Allison said "it is his foot not his face" and he had cut an L shaped flap on the inside of his front left leg.  We gave him his feed and Lee-Ann went back up to feed the rest of the horse and was coming back to get us to doctor him up.  We tried wiping the blood off but it was still pumping out blood as it was kinda a deep.  Not horrible for stitches but it needed attention. 
Cut on Sarge's front left leg

Bloody towel Biscuit was smelling and then spooked himself when I moved.  Blood really bothers them!

All fixed up!

Bless his heart, he was so good while we doctored him up.  I had Betadine solution but we used some of Lee Ann B's Betadine wash.  I will need to get some of that.  Allison had a flat bandage.  I had diapers for Red a long time ago but no flat bandages.  I had vet wrap still in the package but it was stuck to itself like glue so we used some of Lee Ann P's.  We ran water on it to clean it out and poor guy bleed quit a bit.  I scrubbed it inside and out of the wound and Sarge was so good.  By that time, Barry had arrived and was watching.  I scrubbed his face off too because his muzzle was full of blood and the flies would have drove him crazy.  We put the bandage on and wrapped it with vet wrap and duct tape.  I am going to get some Neosporine for him today.  I had had some out at the barn a few weeks ago when I cleaned my grooming bag and it was not there so I am not sure if it was in the farrier bag or what.  I washed off his back heel because blood was still there and then Barry walked him down with some alfalfa.  I picked Barry up at the pasture and Sarge was ok.  He did this in the few minutes we went down the ranch road.  I think he stuck his foot in the bucket because he did it when we were working with him.  I think he saw the Gator which at that time means FOOD and we drove off without feeding him.  He is always sticking his hoof on the top of the wire and I fuss at him for that.  Edgar said he often puts his hoof in his bucket when they go to feed him.  What a little pill!!  He will be ok as it wasn't that bad but I hate to see my boys hurt!

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