Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Taking Blood, Abscesses and saddles

Barry and I went out to the barn and pulled up the horses so that Doc could pull blood from Sarge.  We were talking to Lee Anne P and lo and behold...I looked down and Sarge had blown out an abscess on his back left hoof.  Poor guy!!!

He is tough though and didn't flinch when I examined it.  Barry said he was too tough to flinch.  Oh Please! 

Lee Ann P had received her new Sharon Sare saddle and Barry and I were admiring it.  It is really nice.  My saddle is similar so I can't wait to get it.  Sharon Saare is a famous endurance rider.  The saddle was custom made for Lee Anne.  She had to give all kinds of weights and measurements to have the saddle made.  It has beautiful tooling around the pommel and the back of the cantle.  It only weighs 14 lbs!!

Sharon Saare   Lee Anne had rode in it and said it was wonderful.  I can't wait to get my saddle!

Doc arrived and he said Sarge's blood was "cooked in the truck".  He had sent it with the new vet to the other clinic and she left it in the truck.  She was pretty upset about it Monday morning but Sarge didn't mind giving another tube of blood.  I showed him the abscess and he pushed on it and Sarge lifted up his foot.  LOL  I guess Doc has that special touch!  He said to put ickthamol on it and I have some of that so that won't be a problem.  I got it out and put it on him.

I asked Doc about thrush in Biscuit's feet.  I told him about him limping Saturday and he first said his heels were too hard then changed that and said they were too soft and to put pine tar on them.  I asked him if he had any iodine I could purchase so I could make sugardine for the thrush.  He gave me some which was so sweet.  He also said he had some "Thrush Buster" stuff that I could go pick up at the clinic that he said works real well.  I told him I got hoof boots for him.  I am going to get rid of the thrush!!

We walked them back down to their pasture and went home.

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