Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Really disappointed in United Parcel Service

I have waited all week for my saddle to arrive. It shipped one week ago from New York. A WEEK AGO. I tracked it as it came down and was in Beaumont last night.

I asked Morgan to be on the look out for it this morning, ran home at lunch to check, no notes from UPS saying it had been here. I had Mog checking after that - nothing. I got home and Morgan was here...not package - no note.

I waited all afternoon. Barry wanted me to go pick up some dinner - I said I was waiting on my saddle and made a dinky little dinner. I checked on line at 8:00 PM and OMG it said that I had requested hold for a future delivery date! What a crock of lies.

I called and was told they could deliver it in the morning. I told her I would be at work and had arranged for someone to be here today as it was supposed to be delivered. I even spoke to a supervisor but they have no power to do squat. I did tell her that I wasn't upset with them, of course, but it was not something I wanted left on the porch when it was possibly going to rain and I wouldn't be there to catch it. I did say that that is why I used FedX that UPS always seemed to have a problem.

Someone is going to call me about it by 10:00 AM. I am going to tell them to keep it at the UPS store and I will go get it. I am going to request my shipping money back. Probably won't get it but I was pretty darn displeased with the flat out lie on the tracking page. I sent an email to John at Alleghany. My luck they will send it back to Alleghany. Gaaaa....UPS is the absolute PITS

On top of all of that...I didn't get to go see my horses today because I was waiting on UPS. Now that really bites. I don't ever ship UPS. Fed-X is my shipper of choice. They are pretty terrific at the Beaumont office. The one time I did ship UPS (shipping Billy Cook saddle back as that is how it came) was not fun. Long lines, disorganized...it is any wonder my saddle didn't show up and BS was posted on the shipping log?

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