Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Alleghany Saddle is ready

I got a call from John at Alleghany and and email.  The saddle didn't come arrive to them in the color that I had ordered.  It is a lighter color.  John is taking $100 off and throwing in a saddle pad.  That works for me.  It is the color of my Billy Cook which may work just fine as I do have a breast strap that matched my Billy Cook!!

My concern was the stirrups.  I wanted them like the picture.  John said that is something a customer modified and sent in a picture.  I told him that I told Stacy that my knee can not take any type of torque at all.  He said that I could turn the stirrups over a few days.  I then said what I had told Stacy...I rode in an Aussie for that reason - can't take ANY torque.  I asked for picture of the saddle without the bubble wrap on the stirrups and they looked like a saddle I would have trouble riding in.  John is going to drop ship hardware that makes the stirrups fully turned.  We shall see.    Here are pictures of the saddle.  I do like the color just fine.  I am not that bothered by color as to me, almost any leather color is pretty! 

Here are the stirrup turner he is ordering for me:

I do like that the little hoof pick pocket has my initials on it!!!  Woot!!!  It says "D. T."  If I had known they were doing that I would have asked for the "G" to make it DGT!!!

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