Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lightening and Horses

When I got home I later got an email from Kellie saying Lady Dollar possibly had taken an indirect hit from lightening.  She was unstable on her feet, had spasms in her muscles and had trouble turning around and stepping up on the concrete.  Doc was coming out to take Reagan's stitches out and he seems to think she was hit indirectly by lightening.  Poor girl.  He treated her and took blood and sent it off to California to rule out a return of EPM. 

Doc came out this morning and wasn't happy with her progress and took her to the clinic where they gave her a huge IV.  All kinds of meds, etc.  Kellie took her home this afternoon but she is not better.  He said to not turn her out with the other horses as she is unstable on her feet.  Kellie said her muscles were twitching and quivering and that her hair was falling out like crazy. 

We have tried to research lightening strikes on horses but none of it was good news.  I know that it is impossible to protect horses from everything but it is heartbreaking to see your beloved horse ill or injured. 

Most information said to put lightening rods around buildings....I can see where a horse with shoes on is not a good thing either.  Doc said it would be 2 or 3 weeks before he'd know the extent of damage.  LD will be getting IV's and meds to help her fight. 

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