Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barry and Sarge go for a ride

Barry took Sarge out for a ride at Tyrrell Park today by himself.   I was making a cake for Raquel's little boy Jackson so I couldn't go.  He took Sarge around the back of the park and over the new trails.  Barry wasn't gone very long!  LOL  He must have been going at a good clip!  I tried to get him to take the Garmin but he said no. 

I think Barry would love endurance riding and I have been encouraging him to get into that.  We may go to an Endurance Clinic with Darolyn Butler in May.  I would LOVE to go.  LeAnne P is interested in doing Endurance.  I would like to do the 25 mile rides and have for a long time.  Maybe this year or next year will be the time I can really give it a try.  I know they used to run endurance up at Ebenezer.  I would love to get my confidence up, get Biscuit in the mode of cantering, not galloping, and give it a go.  Those are my goals for next year.


Jacque said...

Just take it easy. You can always go a little faster, but healing from a fall takes a Looooooong time!
Cant wait to see your cake!

Denise said...

It does take a long time Jacque but I am getting there!