Saturday, March 26, 2011

Biscuit's Feet & going riding at Kisactchie

Biscuit still seemed tender going over rocks.  I picked up his feet and they are looking really good.  They need a little trimming but the soles look good and the frogs are getting better...I put the Thrush Buster on his frogs and just the back of the bulbs of his heels.  I will be putting more on today when I go out to the barn.  I did got to Five Star yesterday to see if his boots came in but they hadn't when I went at noon.  I left my phone number with Tina but I didn't hear from her.  I will drop over there after while and see if they came in.  If not, I will have to get off of him and walk him over the rocks or get up on the caliche road tomorrow when we ride. 

I want his feet toughened up for our ride in two weeks in Austin.  I can't wait!  I made reservations Thursday for Barry and to go to Kisatchie in Louisiana for Memorial Day.  We are going to stay at the 4-B Ranch in Melder.  I get off at 1:30 PM on Thursday May 26 and I will have the trailer packed and ready to go when Barry gets off work.  We are going to hopefully be on the road by 3:30.  We will be staying in a travel trailer (that is all they had available : (  but that is ok)  The horses will be in a "stud pen" right behind us that is partially covered with will be good. 

We are going to ride Friday and Saturday and come home Sunday.  I will probably have to work on Memorial Day.   Kisatchie   is gorgeous and I can't wait to ride there!!

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