Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning more about feet!!!

I went out to the barn after getting off work and ask LeeAnne P if she felt like supervising a foot job.  LOL  I went down to the pasture and went out to get Sarge.  Biscuit was laying down...soaking up sunshine and enjoying the spring day.  Sarge was standing guard and the new horse was hoovering in the other pasture.

Biscuit, Sarge, and the new horse

Biscuit enjoying the sunshine

I took Sarge up to the barn and soaked his feet for a little while.  He was curious about the vinegar bottle.  He is so cute!

Is this good to drink?

Azizza thinks Sarge is a hottie

Working with hooves

I can use a knife fairly well
I worked on Sarge's hooves today.  HIs bars on two hooves are slightly smooshed but look better than they did before.  We nipped and rasped his hooves.  Sarge has a good white line and so does Biscuit.  
Using a rasp - woot!!!  Lee Anne's works better than our little ones.
I rasped and made a mustang roll.  I was using my rasp at first but Lee Anne P's is way way way better.  I will have to order that kind.  Sarge was a little pill about his feet today but I got it done.  It is a fascinating process and I can't wait to learn more.  Thank God Biscuit and Sarge actually both have great feet.  They both have hard feet and good white lines.  Frogs still need some work.

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