Sunday, March 20, 2011

Biscuit Comparison

I have had Biscuit in my possession for right at 5 months.  Five months have made a big difference in him.  He was under weight when I got him.  Not horrible but thin.  His coat was dull but his mane and tail were nice.  He was sweet but his ground manners seriously needed work.  I had him tube wormed and his teeth floated.  I worked with him with LeeAnne P's help on lifting up those feet.  He would paw and try to pull them away from me with pretty good success rate!  Slowly over time and a bucket full of treats, he will now pick his feet up even in the pasture with no problems and no treats either for that matter!  He lets me rasp his feet.  His ground manners are better, he is not as head shy, he still has trust issues but doesn't flinch hard when I touch him.  He has found out that I am not going to hurt him but I am not going to put up with any baloney from him either.  He has steadily put on weight and muscle mass.  He is learning to go slow and not bust out into a gallop and throw up his head.  Good boy!  We still have a ways to go but we are working on it.  He has been given top notch food, Safe Choice by Nutriena, free choice hay, which most of the time this winter, he spent knee deep in hay chomping away.  He has exercise, good food, gentle care and a companion in Sarge.  He will let me catch him in the pasture without too much fuss.  
Here is pictures showing his improvement especially in his back, neck and shoulders.  His coat is now shiny and slick except for right around his belly but we are getting there.  His feet are now the proper shape and not lopped off!  Biscuit is on his way to being a top notch trail horse.

Biscuit arrives October 24 at PNR

October 24, 2010 after a bath
October 24

Getting to know Sarge October 24

November 27, 2010 in the pasture

December 9, 2010
December 27, 2010 Pasture

January 21, 2011 Tyrrell Park
PNR February 20, 2011

PNR after a bath March 18, 2011
PNR After he dried on March 18, 2011

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