Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stone Bruise on The Biscuit

Today I went out to the barn, got Biscuit, loaded him up, fed him in the trailer and headed for Tyrrell Park.  He was being such a good boy.  I brushed him and he looked like a million bucks.  I tacked him up and James Haggard helped me tighten the girth to the 3rd notch.

Kent was riding in the arena and he horses reared up and he came off...gaggagagagagag that scared me...but he was ok.  Kent tightened the girth to notch 2 and I mounted and Biscuit stood quietly while we waited to get on the way.  We finally pulled out and walked around the road.  Biscuit was moving quietly and efficiently.  We went through the mud to get into Cattail Marsh.  He walked across the rocks and was cripping up.  We went across the parking lot and out on to the overgrown gravel road.  He cripped up and tripped so many times I finally go off of him to check to see if there were rocks in his feet.  There were not rocks and I remounted with Kent holding Biscuit. I went a little further and he was flat out limping.  I think he did get a stone bruise last weekend.  Bummer.  I dismounted and told everyone to go on that I was taking Biscuit back.

I didn't want to go over almost a mile of rocky road, then the bridge is all rocky, possible stobby stuff in the back and repeat.  I didn't want a little problem to become a big problem.  He was cripping up and limping even without me on him.

I was stopped by some people in the park wanting to take a picture on a horse for a young ladies graduation so I let her get on The Biscuit.  He was a very good boy about it.

I hauled him back to the barn and gave him a bath and soaked his foot.  He looked gorgeous.  I picked Barry up and we went back to the park and had our pot luck lunch with our riding buddies.  It was a good time.

I think Biscuit has a slight stone bruise.  Kellie offered her boots and Lee Anne P offered her boots.  I am going to see if some of them fit Biscuit.  It will help until he gets over the stone bruise.

I sent my Garmin with Kenny so the trail was mapped and they made a circle around the back.  Wow.  I can't wait to ride it myself.

Tyrrell Park Circle Ride

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