Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Thrush Meds and I rode an Arabian

Doc called and left me a message that Sarge's blood and organs all checked out ok.  I called and talked to Cathy and said I would come pick up the Thrush Buster.  I went there after work and picked it up. 

I went out to the barn and got Biscuit and brought him up to the wash rack.  Lee Anne P and Lee Anne B were there and Lee Anne P was tacking up Legato with her new saddle.   She said Mr. Gus told her she looked really balanced in the saddle!  Woot! 

I looked at Biscuit's hooves and they are growing like weeds.  I brushed him and we yakked.  Lee Anne P got on Legato and was trotting around.  She said that Legato really is moving freely in the saddle.  That is wonderful.  She let me try out the saddle and I actually rode Legato 1/4 of the way around the little arena.  LOL  I am such a sissy.  She was being really good too.  One of these days I am going to be brave enough to REALLY ride an Arabian!  Lee Anne B sat in the saddle.  It is very nice and very comfortable.

I was telling them about the lady who asked me if Biscuit was for sale.  That was kinda neat - he is a pretty boy - but like Lee Anne said - Biscuit is really helping me get my confidence back and he is not for sale.  I have worked hard to get him to canter not gallop.  He still wants to gallop but he is getting better!

I checked on my saddle today and it is in Buffalo, NY and it says it will be delivered in 4 business days.  I wish it was going to be here Friday - I wanted to ride in it Sunday.  The web site says:

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