Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Riding Biscuit and Shalome cuts her head

I had good news this morning and this evening about Lady Dollar.  Lady Dollar was walking better!!  Kelly told me this evening that Dr. Schneiter was just amazing and the smartest man - Lady Dollar has greatly improved and she is thrilled.  It is wonderful to know that such a caring and smart man is the vet for our beloved horses.    I have always found Doc to be compassionate both with the horses and with their upset owners!  That is a great combination!

I went out to the barn after work and poor Shalome had cut her head pretty seriously just a little before I got there.  Big crescent shaped gash just below her ear and she had a huge knot on it.  I don't know what she conked her head on but it must not have felt good.  Poor thing...she must have had a huge headache. 

I went down and got Biscuit.  He was out in the pasture and I walked up to him and put the halter on.  He never tries to evade me like he did at first.  We went up to the wash rack and I groomed him.  His feet are looking wonderful.  I tacked him up and joined The LeeAnne's in the arena.  I just stood in the middle and watched LeeAnne B. going round and round with Rogue trying to get him to canter.  Biscuit was being calm which was nice.  LeeAnne B.  held him later so I could mount and he stood still.  Last time he took off before I even mounted.  We walked around and around the arena.  I tried to trot him but he wants to do what he wants and I am trying to slow him down. 

I took his tack off and took him back down to the paddock.  We talked about having a tack swap and I may ask Kenny if the Rockin' R Riders could sponsor something like that.  The more people participate the bigger crowd it will attract.  I have quiet a bit of tack I would like to sell...two Aussie Saddles, a Skito Pad, a gel saddle pad, two or three horse blankets, bridles, martingales, girths, headstalls, reins.  Stuff...and loads of it. 

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