Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am getting brave!

Yesterday I went out to the barn and brought Biscuit up. LeAnne P was giving a riding lesson on Amariah and Lee Anne B was soaking Rogue's feet. I brushed Biscuit and soaked his feet in a mild solution of Lysol to help get rid of his remaining thrush. He was pretty good about it - letting me pick up his feet and placing them in the pan of water.

After LeAnne's lesson was over we all tacked up our horses and I mounted in the courtyard area in front of the arena. Biscuit was very good about it and stood still. He won't stand still in the arena though. I told my peeps that I was nervous about going out past Snippy. I am such a sissy. I rode him down the road to Sarge's pasture and I dismounted. I walked him behind the others down the road. He got a little interested and head high around Spirit, Elmer and Snippy. Geez...that makes me nervous. They started running but not acting crazy which was good.

I walked him past the last pasture and let him graze just a little to calm my own self. I put him in a shallow ditch and LeAnne P, bless her heart, got off of Legato to hold him because of my sissy issues. He stood still while I got on kind of awkwardly but hey, I got on! Two inches is all I need no matter what Randy D says.

Kellie says I can do it...I believe her but I can't do it right now!!! Anywhoo....we rode down the back to the fence and Biscuit was being such a good boy. Walking easily and smoothly but he did stumble once or twice. We came up the left side of the ranch and past the log that Red used to refuse. I told Lee Ann B he was like "Sister, why do over it when I can easily step around it?" He was so funny. We went down the side and past the trees and it turned sloppy muddy out there. We crossed at a diagonal towards the road by the paddocks and when we got there Lee Ann B got in front of Biscuit and LeAnn P was on my right. LOL I had such a tight grip on my horn and very short reins with fingers through his mane. LeAnn P said "Relax your seat and sit back" so I did but it was hard!! They did come running up, did a little bit of snorting - LeAnn P got off of Lagato and I was in front then. I slowed him and The LeeAnn's passed me and I had to laugh at Biscuit when he turned into his pasture road. I am sure he thought I could get my rump off there and leave him be.

I walked him up to the courtyard and asked Lee Ann B to hold him so that I could try to mount from the flat. LOL I tried twice - saddle slipped both times...what a water buffalo!!! Biscuit was very good natured about it bless his heart. LeAnn P showed me some exercises on the arena fence to strengthen my legs. LOL she stuck her right foot on there and said for me to do the same. I said "uhhh...LeAnn, shouldn't we be putting up our left foot?" We had a big laugh over that!

I brushed Biscuit and put fly spray on him. Flies have just about ate a hole in his spine - poor guy! I walked him down to his pasture and turned him out.

The LeeAnn's and I discussed our trip that is a week and a half away - we are all so excited about going to McKinney Roughs next Friday.

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