Friday, March 18, 2011

Sarge has parasites's lesson was in parasites and they are disgusting.  Sarge has been looking rough.  I had him tube wormed on January 15 so that was 2 months ago.  He did gain some weight back and looked somewhat better.  I have been keeping an eye on him and I thought his hair looked rough and coarse.  It is going in all kinds of directions and sticking straight up.  It did have more shine to it but this horse generally looks gorgeous and he looks like a scruffy Teddy Bear some kid left out in the rain.

Scruffy Sargent San Peppy
I called the Doc's office yesterday and they said to bring in a fecal sample.  I hooked up the trailer this morning and hauled out to the barn and down the ranch road.  My two little darlings were in the middle of the pasture.  Biscuit and Sarge took off for the front far right of the pasture away from me.  LOL  I walked over there and caught Sarge.  He is always such a sweetie.  I walked him to the trailer and he loaded up quickly and easily.  We hauled to the vet's office and lo and behold....he passed a fecal specimen like a good boy.

Vet tech lady came out and got a handful and took it to examine it.  I took Sarge out of the trailer and walked him over to a grassy area and let him graze just a little bit.   I talked to a lady that was bringing her barrel horse in and a gentleman that had a "wild" paint in a trailer.  The paint needed to be tube wormed and the man warned Doc he was a little wild.  Doc said to leave him in the trailer and he'd tube him from the door!  Sarge nearly had a cow when the silver pail came out...I know his little though bubble said "AAACCCKKK!!!  I remember that and I don't won't any part of it!"  He was flexing his neck up and down, up and down and then he reached out with his front right leg to paw the air.  He reminds me of that little lizard that fluffs up its neck ruffle to scare his enemies.  I told him to settle down.  He got a ton of hugs and kisses this morning which he loves.

Doc walked up to that trailer and the paint was pulling way way way back but Doc was unconcerned.  Horse was twitched in two inserted and wormed before he knew what happened.  Mission for the paint accomplished.

Doc got the results of the fecal and said Sarge did have Strongyles and Coccidia parasites.  He also did a CBC and a complete General Health Profile on him.  He drew blood out of the left side of his neck.  He twitched Sarge which did not thrill him at all....

GAAAA....I look like a Camel...what is up with that?

Take it easy with my lip is attached!!
OK...who invented the tube up the nose?

When Doc pulled out the tube he was snorting to beat the band poor guy.  I walked him to the trailer and first he refused to load and I told him "Load Up!" and he went right in.

Sarge in the Brenderup

Biscuit was whinneying for us

Biscuit is waiting for us!!!
Biscuit was running up and down I am!!! 

Looking up and down

See you later Sister...come back and visit
And there she goes

 They gave me a powder to give him twice a day til gone.  I will get the results of the blood work after while.  I was $188 poorer when I left but my horse will now return to his gorgeous self.  I got out to the barn and hauled down the road.  I could see Biscuit running up and down the fence line neighing for us.  LOL  I don't know if he was calling for Sarge or telling Sarge he had ran off with his girl!  LOL  They were side by side when I left. 

I went back and looked at pictures of Sarge last year.  I want him looking like that again....He is such a handsome boy and such a sweetheart!


Jacque said...

Your photos tell the story. I love the photos of Biscuit running around when you arrived!!

Glad you found the parasites! Sounds disgusting.

Will Biscuit get them too now?

Denise said...

Parasites are disgusting. I got a paste wormer or Biscuit today. I have consistently wormed the boys but sometimes the parasites are some tough buggers to get ride of!!